Teen Zone



Teen Zone is a safe environment for teens to love God and Themselves. To be free in the fact that they are loved and to be who they were created to be, without the labels the world may put on them or that they may put on themselves.

Teen Zone Daily – brief morning podcast. It is delivered each weekday morning from September though May. It is loaded with encouragement for teens to start the day. Each message is filled with inspiration geared specifically for teens.  They last anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Teen Zone Master Mind – after school program for teens to come together in a collaborative effort to build effective ways to deal with topics such as grades, bullying and extra curricular activities. Each group has a mentor who will facilitate the gatherings.

Teen Zone Speaks delivers messages to youth groups across the country at camps, groups, churches and rallies. Our style includes humor, interviews and interactive engagement.

Teen Zone Touch Creation- a great passion of ours is to get youth unplugged and unstressed. In this busy chaotic world of technology, kids need to be kids away from constant stimulation of the senses and find their true identity and self worth in Christ.

All programs are ultimately led with love and the guidance of the Word of God, Holy Spirit, prayer and planning

Contact us below for more information or to sign up for Teen Zone Daily. In the comment section let us know how you would like Teen Zone Daily delivered, via text or email.