About Us


The seed for God Made Original was planted over fifty years ago. The programs have been generations in the making. One might say, it is hard-wired into our DNA. Decades have been spent researching, building and taking God’s hand for guidance. To bring to fruition a life long passion to help individuals realize who they are, the potential they hold, who they are created to be and soar in the freedom of being themselves. The capacity for greatness that is planted in each of us is burning to be set free. God Made Original has been plotted and charted through building retreats, workshops and events that have unfolded over the last thirty years.


Meet The Team: 


Cynthia René 

Cynthia is a Naturopathic Physician, author, speaker and photographer. She is the founder and CEO of PneumaFire. Her passion is for all of God’s Creation.  She believes that people are the beautiful expression of The Creators heart, not to be conformed into modification, but to live out the beautiful expression of their heart. The conception of “GMO” was passed down like a precious warm quilt wrapped around a child in a raging storm. Her heart’s mission is to share the tools that create a life without limits.  To see people walk into their identity in God.      



                               Jeff Bentz         –                Freedom reigns in the heart of God!

Jeff is a speaker, mentor and relationship coach. He has a passion for helping people create thriving relationships and marriages. He is the founder of Thrive Relationships.

Marrying my best friend is one of the greatest gifts of my lifetime. Over the past several years I have gotten to travel with my best friend, go to sporting events, dance in the rain and just be my dorky self. Growing up in a Christian home on the east coast, my parents took me to church on a regular basis for a dose of religion, it wasn’t until my thirties that I realized the difference between religion and a relationship with JESUS.  Family time is very valuable to both my wife and I, second only to our relationship with JESUS. My wife has taught me to look at nature with a different perspective, than I ever have before. The creator’s hands are on everything we see.  I never really looked at nature with the same enthusiasm, as I do now. One of my all-time joys of being married is waking up in the morning and figuring out how I can spoil my best friend that day.